DIY Workshops that Sell

Do you own a creative business that sells paint? 
Are you nervous to put yourself out there because you lack the confidence to lead home decor DIY workshops?
Are you currently running workshops but feel that you need more marketing "know-how" to drive your business?

Let’s face it – you know that offering DIY workshops translates to more business and increased paint sales. So how do you get new clients in the door and existing customers to return again and again?

Consider this: you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Homeworks Etc owner Jacqueline De’Ath has created an 8-step DIY Workshops that Sell program that offers you structure and solutions to fill seats in your workshops. 

Discover the 8 STEP system that will launch your creative business sales before you start offering
DIY Workshops on an ongoing basis.
I want to set you up for success, not burnout!

These 8 ONLINE Training Modules will give you the confidence to lead workshops and sell more paint than ever!

Topics include: 


Module 1 - Calendar Planning









Also includes, 8 weekly calls that are 60 minutes with Jacqueline for group coaching to help you through the content.  
Calls are Monday morning at 9 am PST/ Noon pm EST

   Let's learn and have fun together!

NEXT Session Launches
March 4, 2019

I am passionate about home decor and DIY projects!  I’ve lead thousands of workshops for kids, adults and seniors and believe that creating decor for the home directly impacts the way you feel in your space.

I love to teach women to DIY with confidence.  I also know that leading workshops can be scary.  I didn't always feel comfortable in front of a crowd, but that changed once I incorporated these 8 steps. My own confidence soared!
Now it's time for you to get out there and offer your community fantastic DIY experiences: fun, relaxing, creative gatherings where everyone leaves with DIY decor they are proud to bring into their homes.

What are you waiting for?  Let’s grow your sales and have fun at the same time!

I own 2 shops and wanted to start offering workshops but had no one to talk to about my business ideas. DIY Workshops that Sell helped me decide on a plan and implement it! I love that Jacqueline shares experiences that are REAL to shop owners/managers. I think, ‘Wow, that’s me too.’

I now feel I have a better grip on my stores and plan on listening and learning for months to come. I am more comfortable and determined to move and act on the lessons this course has given me!
— Belinda, owner of Aunt Bee's

I struggled with scheduling workshops in a timely matter and didn’t quite know where to start with marketing and social media. DIY Workshops that Sell helped me improve my marketing and get better organized – I even added flyers in my stores! I feel much better prepared with my workshops for the upcoming busy season – I’m ready to go, with a game plan for marketing.

I loved learning with Jacqueline – all the little things will make a huge impact on my business!
— Ann Hayes, DIY Entrepreneur at Mama's Happy Workshop

DIY Workshops that Sell has given me a blueprint for future success. I have calendars ready to go. I am getting events on Facebook and I am making progress in small, reasonable steps.

Calendars and workshop materials that are beautifully prepared by Jacqueline ease the sourcing burden. Over the last year, my paint sales have grown exponentially (even in my absence), and I know that the DIY Workshops and the DIY Tribe monthly information will be instrumental in my future business success. 

Having Jacqueline as a mentor is well worth the minimal cost. The benefits are priceless!
— Cheryl Rister, New 4 U