Happy Fall Y'all [DIY Projects]

Happy Fall, Y’All

It’s usually around the start of the blackberry season that I start to look ahead to fall. Just a little bit. I haven’t turned my back on summer yet, but there is a kind of anticipation that is growing. The brisk evening air, the perfect crunch of an autumn leaf, the permission to wear scarves again… these are a few of the things I look forward to. Perhaps you are a parent, and you have your own reasons to cheer for September. That’s the beauty of the different seasons, isn’t it? We can look forward to what each time of the year has to offer, and how it shapes our habits and routines. For me, the fall is a time of gathering.

Wood Word Cut-Outs

wood cutouts.JPG

We do a lot of gathering in autumn. We gather school supplies. We gather the local harvest. We gather our thanksgivings. We gather candy. We gather warmer layers. Can you think of a few more? Perhaps like me, you can’t resist gathering bouquets of leaves to press in your books. Or maybe your leaf-gathering is more of the rake-and-bag variety. Regardless, I think you are catching on. Gathering is inherent to the autumnal season.


I have to say, collecting things that belong together feels rather comforting. That may be why thoughts of fall make me feel warm and fuzzy. I also find it to be an inspiring time of the year. Whereas summer is busy and active, autumn makes me want to slow down, drink some tea, and be crafty. I find fresh motivation in the dusky evenings to pull out my half-finished projects, and get back to it. And that is a type of gathering too. A gathering of ideas, materials, and maybe of a few friends to create with… yep, I’m getting excited!

I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment; I have a feeling some of you can relate. You are still appreciating the summer vibes, but your fingers are itching to get crafty. Here at Homeworks Etc, we have the perfect project to welcome the official fall crafting season with. We did our own kind of gathering to combine our rustic pallet boards with a wreath, burlap ribbon, twine and an adorable mini-sign. As with all of our projects, paint and stain colours are completely customizable and we also have a selection of sign quotes for you to choose from.  We chose to stain ours with Saman’s Dark Walnut Stain which really exudes a feeling of warmth, and “Happy Fall Y’all” is the perfect quote to greet the autumn with a big cozy hug.

DIY Fall Pallet Wreath Sign

wreath pallet happy fall y'all.jpg

We will be holding our very first workshop for the DIY Fall Pallet Wreath Sign on Thursday, September 19th- just in time for the autumnal equinox. So gather your friends and your chai lattes, and come welcome fall with us at Homeworks Etc!

See some of our other Fall Inspiration on Pinterest.


DIY Joy Christmas Sign

DIY Joy Christmas Sign

Do you prioritize joy in your life?

Joy feels good.

Sometimes the obvious must be pointed out! On an emotional level, we may feel joy in a variety of ways — tearfully, euphoric, with a deep sense of contentment. Scientifically, we experience joy through our neurotransmitters, and benefit in active physiological ways.

That is, joy:

  • boosts our immune system,

  • fights stress and pain, and

  • supports longevity

DIY Joy Christmas Sign

Joy motivates.

Christmas Stencils Homeworks Etc

It is a powerful opposition to fear. Joy is a sense of energy, excitement and certainty. It 

embraces and embodies love and peace. It is whole, comforting, and inspiring to do bigger and better, to see what possibilities lie beyond.

Joy creates connection.

People want to be with you and want to know what it is you have or are doing that makes you so wonderful to be around. Joy grounds you and gives you energy and awareness. Look for ways to add joy to your life and share your light of joy with others!

Joy DIY Sign DIY Workshop Homeworks Etc
Joy to the world wood sign

Choose joy.

One way is to give joy through special, hand-made, love-infused DIY treasures. A hand-made gift – even the smallest and simplest of gestures – brings a smile and makes a moment more meaningful. Any day, not just a holiday or special occasion, is an opportunity to create and give.

Make something. Give it to someone you love.

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” 

Norman Vincent Peale

Christmas waves a magic wand DIY TRIBE

Join a DIY Workshop at Homeworks Etc or buy DIY kits and Fusion Mineral Paint and Stencils online at

DIY Halloween Crafts

DIY Halloween Crafts are a ton of fun to make with kids.
Who doesn’t love a good ole pumpkin parked on the front stoop at Halloween?

Jack-o’-lantern History

Did you know that there are all kinds of theories out there regarding the origin of the jack-o’-lantern? Some folks believe the term jack-o’-lantern originated in 17th century Britain, when it was used to refer to a man (the common name for unknown/unfamiliar men was ‘Jack’) with a lantern, or a night watchman.

Another theory purports that the custom of making jack-o’-lanterns goes back to 19th century Ireland. It is said that at this time, the lanterns were used to ward off evil spirits – especially vampires!

Pumpkin crafting

Today, carving pumpkins for Halloween has become a fun family activity. We can make our pumpkin faces cheerful, scary or comical. Or go all artsy with figures, logos, and symbols.

A printed stencil can be used as a guide for you and your child to carve out the family pumpkin. Why not try your hand at our free printable stencil:

10 Crafts to make with our FREE Printable

1.  pumpkins of course!  Miniature pumpkins are cute to decorate, easy for kids to manage and great for decorating indoors.

2.  brown paper bags – use for loot bags,  treats, or to illuminate steps.  I like the idea of adding stickers to the paper bag and add an LED light inside but here’s how Martha does it…  Halloween Lanterns

3. soap dispenser – buy a plastic soap dispenser (Dollars & Cents for $1.25), add refillable white liquid hand soap, and choose a ribbon for fun. Tie a knot and done!

4.  windows and mirrors- can’t go wrong!

5.  glass candy jars or candles

6. gift tags or cards

7. milk containers – recycle your milk jugs, cut a hole in the back and add orange lights. Perfect for the front porch!

8.  photo frames

9.  wood – Have extra wood from left over projects.  Paint them orange, sand to distress  and add add a pumpkin face!  A rustic touch to any mantel.  Here are some ideas from Pinterest

10. Last but not least – a bat wreath!  All Made out of paper.  Add glitter to the FREE Printable cut outs and voila!

Print your FREE Printable 

Enjoy crafting for Halloween!

halloween diy crafts.JPG


Here’s a little pumpkin trivia to get you in the carving mood:

In 2005, the world’s largest pumpkin weighed in at 1469 pounds – from Pennsylvania!

In 2013, Keene, New Hampshire reclaimed the world record for most lit jack-o’-lanterns on display: 30, 581!

 “There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight.” Unknown

My First Day of School Chalkboard

My first day of school Chalkboard

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” Dr. Seuss

Those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer are still in full swing – but alas, September is fast-approaching. The start of the school year is around the corner and stocking up on supplies and clothes and lunch boxes is REAL!

But practical to-do lists aside, your child’s transition to the next grade, with a new teacher and a shiny blackboard and lots of cool stuff to learn…is really an extraordinary time. It’s a new beginning. It’s the next step of personal growth and inching their way closer to – dare I say it? - adulthood.

Capturing these special life moments is a must! Why not start a new tradition? Homeworks Etc has a great way to capture that first day of school, year after year. Our Back to School Chalkboard is a sweet way for you and your child to mark the ‘first day back’ each year.

And it’s so easy to use.  Pop by the shop to buy yours or SHOP ONLINE.  

Order your ready-made chalkboard here at Homeworks Etc!


We want you to create memories.  We also have a FREE Printable for you to download.


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How to DIY a simple Thanksgiving Gift

Aren't these the most adorable white gourds!  I purchased ours from our local garden center at West Coast Gardens in South Surrey, but you have to get these quickly because they sell out fast.

Simple DIY Thanksgiving Place Setting and Gift

We are giving ours as gifts to neighbours and teachers this year.  You can use our printable as gift tags too, or add to a bottle of wine as a hostess gift this Thanksgiving.  Easy, Simple and Quick!  That's how we like our craft projects.

What you need:

What next?

  1. Print this Printable on Kraft Paper (we purchased from our local Scrapbooking Store)

  2. Cut out your favs and whole punch the leaf

  3. Tie Jute through the leaf and around the stem of the gourd (you can get fancy and paint the stem Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics in Pale Gold)

  4. I placed ours on the cutest Farmhouse looking cutting board that I just adore.

Ready to Gift!  Quick, easy and painless.  Who are you thankful for?  Gift them a simple decor piece for their home.

Happy Decorating!  

Featured Workshop - DIY Kids Club String Art

Featured Workshop - DIY Kids Club String Art

While Homeworks Etc offers amazing DIY workshops for adults wanting to try their hand at creating hand-made décor for their homes, our space is designed to welcome kids, too! We are happy to provide opportunities for your children to also learn a new craft, and to leave our shop with a cool, personal, ‘made-by-me’ addition for their room at home.

Come Play With Us!

Are you feeling like it’s time for a little self-care, a little me time? ‘Drop-In Saturdays’ may be just the ticket! Grab a friend (or two or three), pack a snack, and head on over to Homeworks Etc for the chance to try your hand with our all-new preferred mineral paint of choice: Fusion™.

You don’t need a reason. Just because is good enough impetus to bring you to our table. Roll up your sleeves and we will guide you through your next DIY project.

We are so excited to introduce you to our wildly popular palette of mineral paints! (And by the way, you may have difficulty deciding amongst the gorgeous colours!) With ease of application, a zero VOC formulation, high hiding coverage, and a built-in top coat, it’s easy to PAINT BEAUTIFUL with Fusion™.


Feast your eyes on the beautiful display of paint jars and pots lining our shelves. The human touch – paint poured into jars and labels attached, all by hand – adds to the homey feel of these pretty potables. You will find yourself mulling over which pots of inspiration to bring home…to paint up a DIY storm!


Come visit our warm and inviting gathering space – we are waiting to teach you…and play with you! Creativity has no limits at Homeworks Etc, where every DIY project is a success. Enjoy your experience and your gift of creativity. You, too, can be a maker and artisan of home décor!

Check out the Homeworks Etcschedule for the next Drop-In Saturday. We are waiting for you!

The Perfect Paint for DIY Success with Fusion Mineral Paint

There’s a new paint on the Homeworks Etc. shelves. It’s called Fusion™ Mineral Paint.

We are thrilled to bring this new product to our shelves and workshops! Not only is Fusion™ Mineral Paint a high-quality product available in practical sizes and a fantastic array of colours, but it also has a low environmental impact – specifically, this paint has zero VOCs! They are non-toxic, odourless, and have no ammonia or formaldehyde. And the bottom line is sweet, too – the prices are fair-market reasonable. What a find!

Fusion™ is an acrylic, water-based paint (not chalk-like) that delivers an exceptional matte finish. It is the perfect choice for the DIY projects offered at Homeworks Etc., and for the many décor projects you have awaiting at home. Once cured, this paint is highly durable, washable, water- and stain-resistant, and has an almost zero reflectance value (most desirable for the smoothest of finishes). You can also easily work with Fusion™ for distressing, another beautiful technique to complete a treasured home décor project. Its special formulation allows it to adhere to almost any surface, from wood to metal to glass – even to lacquered surfaces!

Buttermilk Cream Fusion Mineral Paint

Buttermilk Cream Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion™ Mineral Paint company can proudly boast that their raw materials are sourced locally, and are all packaged and labelled by hand. The human touch!

Little Lamb Fusion Mineral Paint

Little Lamb Fusion Mineral Paint

Homeworks Etc. is delighted to stock, sell, and use the paints in our DIY workshops. The colours are stunning – there is a magnificent collection of over 50 hues! We are proud to not only showcase an exemplary, one-of-a-kind product of the highest calibre, but to partner with a family-run Canadian business intent on supporting both the local economy and honouring the planet.Well done!

Drop by Homeworks Etc. for a peek at these wonderful Fusion™ mineral paints, and check out our upcoming DIY workshops for an opportunity to give them a try!

Home Décor with a Loving Touch


Your home is your sanctuary. It’s your castle. It’s a special place of comfort and safety, and filled with love, joy, and laughter. It’s at times a haven in which to cuddle up and close off the world, and in other moments, it shines as an integral part of the neighbourhood - opening its doors to receive friends and family. And of course, we all want our home to look and feel beautiful, warm and welcoming. But shopping for charming embellishments to take your décor up a notch can get very expensive. Imagine using your own loving touch to transform your home into an exquisite place that garners ooohs and ahhhs when visitors cross the threshold. Even before they cross the threshold – you can stop them in their tracks by a bit of decorative flair on the front stoop!

DIY home décor is fun, exciting, and a wonderful low-budget option. It allows you the opportunity to infuse your (and your family’s) personality into your rooms. You have control over shaping your space into whatever you want it to be. You can let your imagination run wild…right onto your walls! And your family can contribute – by coming up with unique ideas (for example, children can contribute to fantastic makeover ideas for their bedrooms) or by rolling up their sleeves and working on projects with you.

Homemade décor is very personal, and can be the tipping point for transforming your house into your family home. It’s like baptizing your home with a river of personality and love!

If you’re interested in trying your hand at bringing handmade décor into your home, check out Homeworks Etc. for an array of DIY projects. Be prepared – once you start, you may find it hard to stop!

A Creative Full Day Retreat for You!


It was a long, long winter: unusually cold and snowy, and downright wintry. For far too long, we nestled indoors with blankets, nursing hot cocoa, and binge-watching Netflix series ad nauseum. But finally, Spring is springing. As we emerge from the proverbial cocoon, spring fever is casting its spell. Fresh air and open windows, Spring cleaning, and a critical eye scouring the inside and outside of our homes…it’s time to get moving!

But wait. Are you ready for a bit of a Spring Fling?

How about combining a self-loving ‘me’ day with the opportunity to produce not one, not two, but three spectacular DIY projects to ramp up the charm in your home? Imagine spending a full day with friends – noshing, chatting, learning, laughing, and creating splendid home décor gems…and capping the day with a glass of wine to toast your beautiful new home finery!

All of this is possible and at your fingertips: Homeworks Etc. is offering a full-day creative retreat…a staycation! On Saturday, May 20th, you and your friends can spend the day creating beautiful accoutrements for your home while enjoying some delicious eats and a splash of wine. Specifically, you can expect:

  • 3 décor projects + 2 meals (breakfast and lunch)
    • Projects include: large wood tray, wood sign with quote, pillow with quote
    • Wine and appetizers at end of day
DIY pillow painting with Fusion Mineral Paint

DIY pillow painting with Fusion Mineral Paint

So, gather your friends and register for the DIY Creative Full Day Retreat…and leave the rest to us!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Register before Friday, April 28st to save.

Event Details Time:  9:30am to 5:30pm Date:  Saturday, May 20th Place:  Homeworks Etc., #102-16793 Surrey BC

Tickets available at

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions – we are happy to oblige!




Hockey Dreams


My son's crazy obsession with hockey!

Erin Fraser, Fine Arts Photographer in the Lower Mainland, specializes in creating “edgy, dark but romantic” photos. Sifting through her online portfolio (, one does indeed perceive an undercurrent of romance…each photo pulls the viewer into the emotion of the setting. And the outdoors plays a big role as a backdrop to human expression.

Along these same lines of capturing feeling in her photographs, Erin has combined her son’s obsession with hockey and her love of art and design – to fashion a room that makes Carden feel absolute joy!


Where did the idea for your son’s room transformation come from?

The design concept came from my son’s crazy obsession with hockey! I wanted to marry his love for hockey with my design tastes, to avoid having too much of a character-driven room. I loved the idea of having a classy/trendy sports theme.


Did Carden have any specific requests?

Carden’s request was to have his dad’s pro jersey hanging on the wall, and he loved the idea of a hockey stick to hold his medals.


What does he love most about his room?

I’d say his favourite part of his room is being able to use the window seat as his display for favourite players. He’s also obsessed with the Patrick Kane doll, since he loves the Blackhawks.


Oh! I should probably mention the random ring. That’s my husband’s card that's autographed with that ring. It’s the Kelly Cup ring that his team won when he was playing in the ECHL. Carden loves it because it’s his dads.

How did you learn about Homeworks Etc?

My relationship with Homeworks Etc began when I found the company (online) initially because of the hockey stick wall hanger! We followed each other on Instagram after that and I got to see the other fun sports-related design elements Jacqueline had in her store.

For more information on Erin’s photography services, check out her website at:








Amazing Baby Brands this Spring


Spring is here and so is our featured shopping guide for nursery and kids essentials including amazing brands for Mommy & Me, creative learning, baby, fashion and decor.  Browse our catalogue below and click on the photos on these pages to link you to browse their shops.

Spring Gift Guide

Cover photo by Captivate Photography

Visit these brands on our guide guide page to browse through your online shopping experience of brands we stand behind including categories:

Mommy & Me

The Extender, Cover Your Heart, Snugabell, Padalily

Creative Learning

Bobs and Lolo, Easy Daysies, Little Jots, Canary Jane


Baby Jack & Co, Bamboobino, Bebe de Luxe, Numpfer, Glitter and Spice, Baby Elephant Ears, Mushy Books


Mally Designs, Emerson Apparel, Arrow and Lace Designs, Modern Fort, Wee Urban, Rebel and Heart, Swim Zip

Nursery and Kids Decor

Wild Tee pees, Yarning Made, Cici Art Factory, Tiptoe Meadow, Trae Designs, Shenasi Concept, Mitani Designs, Bobee, Little Sapling Toys, Homeworks Etc


Comment below if you've shopped these stores or if you see something that you would love for your children!

Sports Baby Nursery in Pregnancy and Newborn


Decorating a nursery sport room? Check out this inspiration by Sarah Granger featured in June 2014 issue of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. PNmag June 2015 featuring Homeworks Etc Designs Growth Chart

1. Land of Nod crib - 2. Pottery Barn Teen Storage - 3. Hallowell Locker - 4. Homeworks Etc Hockey Growth Chart - 5. Fun Rugs area Rug - 6. Skip Hop Bookends - 7. Imax Wall Hooks - 8. Judith Edwards Designs lamp - 9. Little Skunk Co. pennant - 10. Serena & Lily  glider - 11. Oliver Gal Pillow - 12. Land of Nod ball bin - 13. Spicher and Company art print - 14. Ikea chest - 15.  Sweet and Jojo Designs -


Click on the link to see the entire publication of Pregnancy and Newborn.

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Twitter: @pnmag Instagram: @pnmag



Space Themed Room Decor


Outer Space Decorating Ideas

Explore the wonders out in space from your own home with space themed room decor!  Make it a room that they can imagine and grow in.  It all starts with inspiration and adventure for this boys room.  Owen is a astronomy fanatic who loves to read and spend time in his room exploring new territory and learning about the world around him.


space themed boys room ideas and inspiration

 Far Far Away....  room ideas and inspiration to get us started on this room design.

We chose a dark deep color from Benjamin Moore called Anchor Gray  2126-30. Seemed fitting for the theme too!

planets and more space themed room decor         Ikea Clock Space Boys Room Accent

 Get lost in the time warp of another galaxy with accessories from Ikea, where most of the furniture, clock and storage supplies were purchased.  Encourage creativity for boys with blackboards and arts and craft supplies on this compact desk space.  Great for small spaces!


                 Explore Space Themed Decor Wood Sign      Homeworks Etc Robot Decal and rocketship wall hook

 Wood Sign and Wall Hook Decor accents from Homeworks Etc SPACE AND ROBOT nursery and kids decor.

Homeworks Etc Spaceship wall decal decor

Space themed from decor Robot and Rocket ship wall decals are our favorites.

Star Wall Decal Modern Cool boys room decorNothing screams outer space like Stars Wall Decals.  Always a classic look that make it easy to decorate! Choose one wall to randomly or strategically align the decals to suite your style.

SHOP Homeworks Etc for more space room ideas to help you transition from baby to kids room.

Thanks to this family for letting me invade their home to create a space for their son to grow. Please share your thoughts and ideas on this room design directly on the comments below.


Happy Decorating!


Inspiration: Stylish Gender Neutral Nurseries

Preparing for a new baby is an exciting time full of decisions both big and small. One of them is the nursery design. This can be fun and easy for some parents, and slightly stressful for others. Generally, though, picking a look for your little one's first bedroom is a treat. Many parents are choosing to be surprised by their child's gender. Others simply want a nursery that doesn't go in any obvious direction of very girly or boyish. Whatever the reason, a gender-neutral nursery is a great choice. Golden Glam

Golden Glam

Transitional Nursery by Los Angeles Architects & Building Designers Erinn V Design Group

Gender-neutral nurseries are usually in a white or grey color scheme in order to appeal to boy or girl. This warm gold example is a little more unexpected with very grown-up accents in an extremely popular metallic tone. Mixed metals in warm hues are trending for 2015, so it’s no surprise that this lovely nursery is utilizing the look. Perhaps the little one living here will be a trendsetter as well.


Star Light, Star Bright

Star Light Star Bright

Contemporary Nursery by Brooklyn Kids & Nursery SISSY+MARLEY

There is no question that white and light grey are serene in a bedroom. This darling nursery is calming and sweet with light grey star wallpaper and vintage toys and decor.


Vintage Charm

Vintage Charm

Transitional Nursery by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Nifelle Design - Fine Interiors

Bringing in a little more color, this playful yellow nursery is filled with a great mix of collected items and books. The subtle spots on the curtains tie it all together. The custom shelving is a great way to incorporate the saved treasures from Mom and Dad's childhood.


Bold and Bright

Bold and Bright

Transitional Nursery by Scottsdale Interior Designers & Decorators J & J Design Group, LLC.

Who ever said gender-neutral had to be colorless? This nursery is anything but bland, with bright colors and bold pattern play. Baby will be stimulated by the design and can drift off for naps dreaming of taking flight with the lovely sparrows swooping around the wallpaper.


Globetrotting Tot

Globe Trotting

Eclectic Nursery by Dallas Interior Designers & Decorators Erika Everett Design

Teaching your baby about the great-big world around him or her is easy with a global-themed nursery. Easy to use for girls or boys, the room features a colorful vintage map and natural, cozy textures that any world-travelling explorer would love to come home to.


Crisp and Clean

Gender Neutral Crips and Clean Nurseries

Transitional Nursery by Calgary Architects & Building Designers Alykhan Velji Design

This last room is bright and cheerful with pops of sunny yellow that look fabulous with the cool grey neutrals. A modern mix of patterns brings excitement while the clean lines make the space calm and free of clutter. A comfy chair for Mom or Dad and beautiful zebra portrait complete this darling nursery.


Look at this time of countless choices with fondness. It is fleeting at best, and before you know it your little one will be here to cuddle and enjoy. Just go with your heart and remember to look at design through the eyes of a child and you’re sure to have a winning nursery style.

By Jane Blanchard

For more design inspiration, please visit

Nautical Themed Bedroom Ideas


Nautical themed  bedroom ideas and inspiration, from fabrics to light fixtures, can be subtle to create a space that feels like a theme, without over stating the obvious over and over again.  Choose a  few decor accents to inspire the space and invest in pieces that will last as your child grows. Here are some of my favorite nautical nursery room designs.  Classic neutral colors to last while baby grows. 

Nautical Anchor Nursery Wall Decor - Restoration Hardware

Add a red accent to grey and off white.  Simple sailboat and fabric touches.

Add a red accent to grey.  Simple sailboat touches for a nautical room.

Map Wall Decal made to sail the world.Red and Beige Nautical Theme by  Elmueble


Fabric Patterns and Bedding

Love this Navy and White Anchor Nautical Crib Bedding by Little & Luxe Decor.

Nautical Crib Bedding - Little & Luxe Decor

A bit more cottage feel with this denim blue and white nautical anchor quilt and sham set by Serena & Lily.

Anchor Quilt & Sham - Serena & Lily

Light Fixtures

12 wall sconce ideas under $50.

Wall Sconce



Chevron print is versatile for many themes.  This navy blue rug suits this theme perfect by Land of Nod.



Recycle and old dresser and paint it navy!  Love the floor too!  White wash floor boards for that added touch.

Navy Dresser Nautical Theme Room


Vintage Storage Box on wheels.  Great for books, stuffies and more...

Reuse storage boxes for toy storage! Perfect Idea!

Wall Decor

Anchor and Captain's Wheel Wall Hooks - modern enough for the cottage, nautical enough for a kids room by Homeworks Etc Kids

Nautical Themed Nursery Wall Hook - Black Rustic Wood Captain's Wheel



Love the simplicity of the wall decor paddles.


This adorable You Me & the Sea Modern Baby Book features whales, seahorses, starfish and turtles in a color palette of navy, gray, orange and blue.   Perfect for the dresser. Made by Mushybooks.

You, Me & The Sea:  Modern Baby Book - Mushybooks


The best part of these blogs is reading your comments.  I'd love to hear from you.  Do you love nautical designs?

Remember, we are here to share products, brands and ideas to make decorating for nursery & kids simple.

So please comment below with as much detail as you can.  You just never know — your comments and share may be exactly what someone else needs to find to complete their room.

I couldn't be more pleased to share your ideas too.  Have a baby & kids decor or accessory product you want the world to know about.   Drop us a line. Can't wait to connect.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing.

Happy Decorating!





Wall Hooks for Nursery


Wall hooks for the nursery can be so much fun.   I love the decorative touch wall hooks add to the decor of a baby's room.   The function tops it!    Hang clothes by the change table, towels after a bath, and baby bag packed and ready to go for the next days outing.  So versatile to hang beside the bed, closet or in that little space that you just don't know how to decorate.


Homeworks Etc Personalized Wall Hooks for Nursery and Kids Rooms

Personalize a space with a child's name.  As they grow they can help Mom hang things up too.  A special space for kids to hang their stuff.

Homeworks Etc Elephant Nursery Wall Hook Unisex Room

A nice touch to add to a neutral animal themed nursery.

Homeworks Etc Boys Hockey Wall Hook for nursery and kids room

A unique hockey sport themed wall hook for a boys room.  A hockey fan in the making!  As kids grown they can hang their medals, jerseys and more.

Homeworks Etc Light Pink Bird Girls Nursery Room Wall Hook

A sweet little bird design for a baby girl's nursery.

Homeworks Etc Red Firetruck Decorative Boys Wall Hook

Perfect for the fire fighter!  Hang up their gear and get organize to play the next day.

So many themes and colors to choose from.  Mix and match to suit your style and decor!

Happy Decorating!



Soccer Themed Room Ideas


Looking for Soccer inspiration this weekend.  What a weekend it is?  2014 World Cup, Father's Day, and Stanley Cup!

Dad's are ready to sit on the couch this weekend for some sports action, while Mom's are talking about how they can incorporate love for soccer into their boys room design.  Here are some ideas and inspiration for decorating modern and contemporary soccer rooms.

soccer themed room, green, red and white

1.  This soccer ball ottoman gives a hint of soccer without overwhelming the entire room with this theme.
2.  Hint of green on the walls alludes the relation to grass and adore the red accent.  This creates a versatile space to grow with your child.
3.  White over sized floor lamp gives impact to the room, light field lights on those late night games!

Personalized soccer player silhouette wall decal with soccerball - Homeworks Etc Kids

1.  I'm always a fan of personalizing a space for your child.
2.  Vintage style in the decal design creates a featured decor piece for the room.
3.  You can still mix and match with other sports as a great addition.

Soccer themed room ideas - Pottery Barn Soccer Field Rug.

1.   The soccer field rug gives the boys a place to play together.
2.  Over sized letters add a bold statement to the room
3.  Shared rooms with matching bedding.  Love the solid blue with green accent stripes.
wall paper feature wall for a soccer themed room, blue, black and white.
DKOR INTERIORS - A bold and comfortable interior design project at The Beach Club in Hallendale, Florida.


Homeworks Etc Soccer Ball Canvas Art Room Decor

Soccer Sports Room Decor, wall hooks - Homeworks Etc Kids








Soccer themed room decor, Homeworks Etc Wall Hooks

Sports Themed Room Growth Chart, soccer, basketball, baseball





















Happy Decorating!



Nursery Design Tips


Nursery Design Tips

Decorating your baby’s room is probably one of the first things you’ll think about once you get over the excitement of finding out you’re expecting. Planning your little one’s first bedroom can be exciting, especially as you think about all the themes, colors and decorative items you can include. Now you ask yourself....  where do I start?  It is good to have basic decorating tips for whichever room you decide to decorate. Here are some decorating tips for baby nursery and kids' rooms.

1.  Define your Style:  Classic, modern, vintage old world charm, or eclectic

2.  Choose your color palette with fabrics and paint: a)  neutral soft colors, b) modern or sporty boy colors, or c) sweet, soft or bright colors for girls

3.  Space Planning : keep function and uses in mind and plan your zones with furniture, storage and essentials to suite the function of the room

4.  Personalize: it's time to decorate the walls with finishing touches.  Create a space that feels like you.

How do I start to figure this all out?

1.  Start gathering inspirations (pinterest is great fun for this)

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2.  Start planning the space

3.  Start Shopping for color, style and your personal touches

4.  Start by staying in touch for more decorating and design tips. For more information on design services for  baby nursery and kids room contact us at

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Nursery and Kids Designer, Jacqueline
Nursery and Kids Designer, Jacqueline