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Looking for Community and Connection this Fall Season? Book a Sign Painting Party with Homeworks Etc.


Is it just me or does September hit like a whirlwind that seems to last until oh, let’s say, February? I think it’s all of the changes we experience during the next few months that can make us feel slightly off-kilter. Just when you think you have found your new normal, something else hits like daylight savings and once again, you’re readjusting. It might be tempting to put your head down and just try to push through until you find yourself on the other side of Christmas. Or, you can embrace the season by focusing on the positives in your life, the things that make everything worth it. 

With our next holiday being Thanksgiving, I’m going to give you a little challenge. What are you thankful for? What brings you joy and purpose? Can you name 5 things? Go!


I’m thankful for…






If we compared lists, my guess is that we would have at least one thing in common- we are grateful for our friends and family. The people we live life alongside with, and experience both the chaos and the peace with. And so here is my next challenge- show your loved ones how thankful you are for them! Take time to pause and share moments together, even in the craziness. And if you are not sure just how to do that, we’ve got a great suggestion- book a Private Party with Homeworks Etc! 

What does a private booking with Homeworks look like? First you get to choose between our two store locations in Surrey or Langley. Prefer to stay home? We now offer home parties too! Next, select your DIY project; we have many options to choose from including our Signature Signs, Table Centerpieces, Pillows, and more! On your event date, we reserve the space for your group so that you can walk in, and immediately be surrounded by your favourite faces. There is a table reserved for your go-to appetizers and desserts, because we all know how important food is. Our work tables are already set-up with the materials for your pre-selected DIY project, which our workshop leader will guide you through. So what is there left to do? Place a big PAUSE on all of life’s “to-dos”, and enjoy. We want to create a place where you can relax, laugh, eat, share, support, and create beautiful memories with the people you are grateful for. We want to help remind you of the fantastic community you have, and how important it is to nurture those relationships. We strive to offer an environment where connection can happen organically, and being engaged creatively together certainly lends to that. AND you get to leave with a lovely piece of home decor! The memories of your private party as well as of your individual relationships will be embedded in your project, serving as an on-going reminder of those you are thankful and grateful for.


If you are looking for a little extra incentive, we currently have an offer on-hand for the organizer of a Private Party. If you are able to gather 8 people to register for a Private Party, we will give you 50% of the value of your chosen DIY project on a Homeworks Etc gift card. For each additional person that registers above the 8-person minimum, we will give an additional 10% of your project’s value on the gift card (up to a maximum of 100%). So that you can keep coming back to create, and to connect. 

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