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Nursery Design Tips


Nursery Design Tips

Decorating your baby’s room is probably one of the first things you’ll think about once you get over the excitement of finding out you’re expecting. Planning your little one’s first bedroom can be exciting, especially as you think about all the themes, colors and decorative items you can include. Now you ask yourself....  where do I start?  It is good to have basic decorating tips for whichever room you decide to decorate. Here are some decorating tips for baby nursery and kids' rooms.

1.  Define your Style:  Classic, modern, vintage old world charm, or eclectic

2.  Choose your color palette with fabrics and paint: a)  neutral soft colors, b) modern or sporty boy colors, or c) sweet, soft or bright colors for girls

3.  Space Planning : keep function and uses in mind and plan your zones with furniture, storage and essentials to suite the function of the room

4.  Personalize: it's time to decorate the walls with finishing touches.  Create a space that feels like you.

How do I start to figure this all out?

1.  Start gathering inspirations (pinterest is great fun for this)

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2.  Start planning the space

3.  Start Shopping for color, style and your personal touches

4.  Start by staying in touch for more decorating and design tips. For more information on design services for  baby nursery and kids room contact us at

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Nursery and Kids Designer, Jacqueline
Nursery and Kids Designer, Jacqueline