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Come Be Inspired at the Vancouver Fall Home Show!

Did you know that the Vancouver Fall Home Show is coming to Vancouver in October? Here are our top 6 reasons on why you should be there.

1. Get an early start on your Christmas shopping (or maybe your Christmas wishlist?) at the Portobello West Market. The Market showcases 20+ local artisans and their beautifully crafted goods. Expect to see a wide range of products including handmade chocolates, jewelry, paper goods and more.

I’m swooning over all the warm and fuzzy things at      Handmade by Chris & Kris     ’ booth!

I’m swooning over all the warm and fuzzy things at Handmade by Chris & Kris’ booth!

2. Take in a presentation by experts in their fields. With two stages to choose from, you can listen, learn and engage with speakers discussing home projects and cooking endeavours. 

3. Did we mention HGTV is a part of this event? Keep your eyes open for celebrities like Bryan Baeumler and Sabrina Smelko.

Bryan Baeumler will be one of the speakers on the      HGTV Canada Main Stage     .

Bryan Baeumler will be one of the speakers on the HGTV Canada Main Stage.

4. Workshops! That’s right, the Home Show will be offering DIY Workshops led by local businesses. Make a floral bouquet with Blossom & Vine, try your hand at abstract art with Paint with Donna, or sign-up for some fall-inspired sign painting- that’s also where you’ll find us!

Homeworks Etc will be leading two      sign painting workshops      on Saturday, October 26th.

Homeworks Etc will be leading two sign painting workshops on Saturday, October 26th.

5. Build connections for your future home endeavours. An extensive list of exhibitors will be on-hand to answer all of your questions and help you tackle your next home projects.

6. There truly is something for everyone. Whether you would rather be inspired by gorgeous displays and decor, learning about new home technologies, or chilling in the lounge for a drink or two, you are sure to enjoy yourself at the Vancouver Fall Home Show.

I absolutely have to check out      Bear’s Blooms     ’ gorgeous bouquets of BC flowers. Did you know they also provide a weekly delivery service?!

I absolutely have to check out Bear’s Blooms’ gorgeous bouquets of BC flowers. Did you know they also provide a weekly delivery service?!

Hope to see you there!

The Perfect Paint for DIY Success with Fusion Mineral Paint

There’s a new paint on the Homeworks Etc. shelves. It’s called Fusion™ Mineral Paint.

We are thrilled to bring this new product to our shelves and workshops! Not only is Fusion™ Mineral Paint a high-quality product available in practical sizes and a fantastic array of colours, but it also has a low environmental impact – specifically, this paint has zero VOCs! They are non-toxic, odourless, and have no ammonia or formaldehyde. And the bottom line is sweet, too – the prices are fair-market reasonable. What a find!

Fusion™ is an acrylic, water-based paint (not chalk-like) that delivers an exceptional matte finish. It is the perfect choice for the DIY projects offered at Homeworks Etc., and for the many décor projects you have awaiting at home. Once cured, this paint is highly durable, washable, water- and stain-resistant, and has an almost zero reflectance value (most desirable for the smoothest of finishes). You can also easily work with Fusion™ for distressing, another beautiful technique to complete a treasured home décor project. Its special formulation allows it to adhere to almost any surface, from wood to metal to glass – even to lacquered surfaces!

Buttermilk Cream Fusion Mineral Paint

Buttermilk Cream Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion™ Mineral Paint company can proudly boast that their raw materials are sourced locally, and are all packaged and labelled by hand. The human touch!

Little Lamb Fusion Mineral Paint

Little Lamb Fusion Mineral Paint

Homeworks Etc. is delighted to stock, sell, and use the paints in our DIY workshops. The colours are stunning – there is a magnificent collection of over 50 hues! We are proud to not only showcase an exemplary, one-of-a-kind product of the highest calibre, but to partner with a family-run Canadian business intent on supporting both the local economy and honouring the planet.Well done!

Drop by Homeworks Etc. for a peek at these wonderful Fusion™ mineral paints, and check out our upcoming DIY workshops for an opportunity to give them a try!

A Child's Fantasy World with Wild Teepees


Wild Teepees can be the hub of any child's imagination- infant to toddler to young girls or boys. It's the place where your kids can gather their toys and become the main character of their own fantasy world, transforming their Wild Teepees into reading nooks, Princess tea houses, dinosaur caves, dragon dens, or rocket ships, right before their little eyes.

What inspired you to start Wild Teepees?

It was during my first maternity leave that I was able to step back and explore what I had thought was long gone many years ago. Watching my little one discover our world and his imagination, allowed me to more profoundly discover mine. These small moments gave way to the beginning of my adventure with Wild Teepees.

Cross Teepee Fabric Pattern

What’s the best part about owning your own business?

It has always been a dream of mine to own my own business. I guess, freedom is my favourite part: the freedom to work from home and still care for my young children, the freedom to make hard and fun decisions on my own and the freedom to take the business where I want it to go.

What parents are saying:

Parents have been loving our teepees! We've had great feedback not only about the design and aesthetics but that their children really do love playing with their teepees! Customer service has always been our number one, and we strive to go above and beyond for all of our customers. Our teepees are all bespoke which allows us to closely work with our customers to achieve exactly what they want.

Black and White Teepee Stripe Fabric

Teepees are a must have in your home.

Our teepees are a win-win for any family home. The kids love to play with it and it's a beautiful piece of decor that compliments any design style. It's a true kids item that you would be proud to showcase in your home.

Your Mom Parenting tip or idea to being creative with kids. 

Always keep things moving! Keep introducing new ideas, new activities and new information to your kids, it'll keep them intrigued and us as parents a lot more involved. And, it doesn't always have to be big or fancy, kids love and can appreciate the smallest things when you give it a good back story.

Shop Wild Teepees

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"I like nonsense, it was up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of the telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities."

Dr. Seuss


Bobs and Lolo Teaching Children through Music

What inspired you to start your biz?
We didn't start our B&L adventures with a real business plan. The whole project evolved from our friendship and a mutual interest in music and working with children. Before we started our musical adventures, Robyn was teaching elementary school prior to which she had completed a degree in linguistics at the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Education at UBC. Lorraine previously worked in the fields of environmental education and

non-profit fund development. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Exercise Science) from UBC. Songwriting and live performing honestly started out as a side project. We looked at it as a fun way to create some support materials for our separate jobs working with children. We never dreamed those early days would lead to running our own business, cross-country touring or much less a national television show!

What's the best part about owning your own business?Bobs and Lolo Sun
Seeing something you love and believe in thrive and grow is so incredibly rewarding. When you find something you are truly passionate about, the drive to see it succeed provides the fuel and stamina to get through the long hours and hard work. We’ve found the value of this increase tenfold now that we are mamas and often running on limited sleep and surrounded by a million distractions. On a bright note, another bonus of our industry is that for the most part, we can include our families in the fun – on tour or simply as creative inspiration.
Your Mom parenting tip and/or idea to being creative with kids.
Relax and focus on the fun. We live in a society that thrives on an over-abundance of information, accessible 24/7 via web, mobile and socials. As a parent in a Pinterest-inspired world, trying to be creative with your kids can be overwhelming. Insanely overwhelming! Breathe. Take a step back. Connect with your kids – get messy, be playful, sing, dance and laugh. The resources and support will be there when needed and the rest can usually be figured out with a little common sense and imagination. Music and books are our go to tools for toddler/preschooler creative time. They both provide useful distraction and creative inspiration in the car, bus, plane, boat, stroller, car seat, bed, high chair, baby carrier or simply when we're just dancing circles around each other!
 Bobs and Lolo - Lorraine Pond


Favorite family activities?
Robyn's neighbourhood is nestled between ocean and mountains. Favourite family activities revolve around both as she loves swimming and hiking! Lorraine is married to a sports junkie so tends to go to a lot of sporting events both in her hometown of Vancouver and when she travels. She also loves family bike rides and play-time at local parks. The climate on the west coast lends itself perfectly to year-round outdoor fun, which is perfect for both of our active broods!


Robyn Hardy of Bobs and Lolo


Robyn Hardy (Bobs) is mom to a busy toddler with a new babe on the way. She currently lives in North Vancouver, BC. Lorraine Pond (LoLo) is mom to an active toddler and precocious preschooler. She lives in Vancouver, BC. Growing up on Vancouver Island, Robyn and Lorraine have always shared a love of the natural world alongside a passion for working with children. Dedicated to connecting children to the natural world with music, movement and make-believe, Bobs & LoLo aim to inspire their young audiences to care about themselves, their neighbours and the planet. 


Nursery and Kids loves Bobs and Lolo


More About Bobs and Lolo

Bobs & LoLo have written and recorded six award-winning albums, a musical DVD and a new children’s book called Run Salmon Run. Alongside the adoration of the young and the young at heart, Bobs & LoLo have received critical acclaim from the likes of the Parents’ Choice Foundation, Western Canadian Music Alliance, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada and the JUNO Awards.


Bobs and Lolo Dirty Feet


Their new album 'Dirty Feet' is out now! Pick it up at iTunes, Google Play, HMV Canada, Amazon, or stream it on Spotify!





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Interview with Lorene, owner of Glitter and Spice


About Glitter and Spice

Glitter & Spice creates stylish teething accessories that are safe and fun for babies to chew! Our products are made from 100% FDA high quality food grade silicone, and are free harmful chemicals. Glitter & Spice teething jewelry are seen on many celebrities and were featured on Vogue, Glamour, and Harper's Bazaar!

Shop Glitter and Spice Online

What inspired you to start your biz?

Our darling beaver of a son was an awful teether and we wanted to find safe and stylish solution to help babies through the difficult teething stages.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?

Being able to be so incredibly passionate about what I do is the best part of owning a business.

Parent feedback about your Modern Teething Jewelry.

Teething is one of those things parents desperately find a solution for so we get a lot of fantastic feedback. I've had a few parents claim that we sprinkle our products with magical fairy dust.


Shop Glitter and Spice

Why is your product a must have?

Every baby goes through a teething phase and it affects so many things. I can't count the amount of times a mom has blamed teething because their baby was crying, grumpy, or wasn't eating or sleeping. Our products gives a physical comfort to those sore teething gums and provides visual and tactile stimulations for babies.

What ways are you creative with your kids?

I think sometimes we try and take control over too many things. When it comes to being creative, I let the kids take over. Their imagination will surprise you! Sometimes we can learn a thing or two from them. Our favourite activity is pretend play! Who doesn't love a world where anything can happen! :)
Shop Glitter and Spice


 Thanks Lorene!  It's a pleasure getting to know about you and your family.  You should be so proud of what you've created with Glitter & Spice!  Many Moms are so happy that you've helped ease them through the teething phase with their little ones'.  I sure wish this was around when my kids were young. ~ Jacqueline, owner of Nursery and Kids Design
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If you have purchased from Glitter and Spice we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to comment below.

Bébé de Luxe Review - luxurious and soothing?


You Bet it is!  Bath Products for ladies, babies and men.

  • Natural, vegan and no-nasties Coconut & Oat Milk Bath.
  • It is made with 100% certified organic and food-grade ingredients.
  • Naturally rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and saponins
  • Coconut & Oat Milk Bath will gently clean your baby's (or mum's) sensitive skin without stripping the natural oils.
  • The fatty acids in the coconut milk and the saponins in the oatmeal help to eliminate dirt, impurities, dead skin and other blemish-causing debris while replenishing moisture.
  • Vitamin E is known to deliver healing benefits to dry skin, minor cuts, burns and rashes.
  • Oatmeal has natural anti-itch properties and will further soothe dry, itchy or inflamed skin.
  • In addition to the cleansing and moisturizing properties, coconut milk has natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

Coconut and Oat Milk Bath Review by Nursery and Kids Design

Amanda was inspired to start Bébé de Luxe after making the first batch of our signature Coconut & Oat Milk Bath as a DIY Christmas gift for my friends and their babies for Christmas 2014.

There has been fantastic feedback from both parents using Bébé de Luxe on their littles and adults using the product themselves. People keep telling Amanda that they love it for soothing eczema too.

It is very gentle for sensitive baby's skin and also doubles as a luxury soak when mama needs some "me" time!  coconut milk bath by Bebe de Luxe

My Review

I totally agree.  My kids and I have used this product and not only is a bath a nice getaway, Bebe de luxe leaves you feeling soothed, relaxed, and skin silky smooth.

bebe de luxe logo

We had the change to interview Amanda and ask a few questions about family and biz:

What’s the best part about owning your own business?

I love connecting with customers and other entrepreneurs. Networking is my favourite part!

What is your favorite family activity?

Anything that involves getting outside and playing.  Rian, my son,  is a very active little guy and a boy through and through. Although he does love to cook and bake with mama and always has to be on a chair at the counter or on my hip.

Bebe de Luxe Onesie by Kewe Clothing, Nursery and Kids Design


I love you higher than the sky and deeper than the sea

Have you had the opportunity to use this product?  I invite you to comment below, share your thoughts and experiences about the product.

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Interview with Baby Jack & Co.


About Kelley, Owner of Baby Jack & Company

Baby Jack creates modern sensory tag blankets and toys for kids of all ages. Kids develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through sensory play and the ribbons along the products appeal for tactile play, stimulation and comfort.  All products are designed with entertaining educational prints to appeal to a younger audience but to also grow with the child.

What inspired you to start your biz?

My son Jack is very sensory focused. He was playing with a ribbon loop tag blanket and got his finger intertwined. We now design our products with sewn shut ribbons.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?

Being able to create and show my children how you can think of anything and make it come to life.

Parent feedback about  Baby Jack Blankets:

It's the go-to baby shower gift and baby's favorite security blanket.

Why is your product a must have?

All kids need a sense of comfort and children develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through sensory play.

Do you have a  Parenting tip or idea to encourage creative learning with kids?

I love how artistic my children have become. Drawing and coloring is a past time that we love. Sometimes I show them how to design textiles on my computer.Baby Jack and Co educational and sensory blanketsBaby Jack and Co sensory blankets

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Amazing Baby Brands this Spring


Spring is here and so is our featured shopping guide for nursery and kids essentials including amazing brands for Mommy & Me, creative learning, baby, fashion and decor.  Browse our catalogue below and click on the photos on these pages to link you to browse their shops.

Spring Gift Guide

Cover photo by Captivate Photography

Visit these brands on our guide guide page to browse through your online shopping experience of brands we stand behind including categories:

Mommy & Me

The Extender, Cover Your Heart, Snugabell, Padalily

Creative Learning

Bobs and Lolo, Easy Daysies, Little Jots, Canary Jane


Baby Jack & Co, Bamboobino, Bebe de Luxe, Numpfer, Glitter and Spice, Baby Elephant Ears, Mushy Books


Mally Designs, Emerson Apparel, Arrow and Lace Designs, Modern Fort, Wee Urban, Rebel and Heart, Swim Zip

Nursery and Kids Decor

Wild Tee pees, Yarning Made, Cici Art Factory, Tiptoe Meadow, Trae Designs, Shenasi Concept, Mitani Designs, Bobee, Little Sapling Toys, Homeworks Etc


Comment below if you've shopped these stores or if you see something that you would love for your children!

Sports Baby Nursery in Pregnancy and Newborn


Decorating a nursery sport room? Check out this inspiration by Sarah Granger featured in June 2014 issue of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. PNmag June 2015 featuring Homeworks Etc Designs Growth Chart

1. Land of Nod crib - 2. Pottery Barn Teen Storage - 3. Hallowell Locker - 4. Homeworks Etc Hockey Growth Chart - 5. Fun Rugs area Rug - 6. Skip Hop Bookends - 7. Imax Wall Hooks - 8. Judith Edwards Designs lamp - 9. Little Skunk Co. pennant - 10. Serena & Lily  glider - 11. Oliver Gal Pillow - 12. Land of Nod ball bin - 13. Spicher and Company art print - 14. Ikea chest - 15.  Sweet and Jojo Designs -


Click on the link to see the entire publication of Pregnancy and Newborn.

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Meet Amanda, stylist of Lily and Spice Interiors


Meet Amanda, founder and freelance stylist of Lily + Spice Interiors. It's been such a pleasure getting to chat with Amanda and collaborate with her on a few projects. We are giving you her behind the scenes advise, ideas &  inspirations for nurseries, kids rooms or any kids spaces.  Here's what she had to say: Share with us your biggest advise to parents decorating a room. Think long term, I like to try and think of these spaces as an investment so that you aren't switching things out on a regular.

Any nursery must-haves? Oh boy...hmmm! Wellllll, I would have to say that my recent obsession for a great gallery wall would have to be at the top of my list. There are so many great prints, frames and items available these days. We are have one in the works right now and will have it up on the blog hopefully soon. We are waiting on a few custom pieces {which add such a nice touch} so be sure to check back with us to get inspired.

Where do you find your inspiration? This one made me giggle because my brain thinks and sees it all day and night no matter where or what I am supposed to be doing ;)

Here are a few inspiration boards Amanda has created for her clients.  Love the color palette and soft furnishings that she has chosen.  Creates such a great visual and conceptual look and feeling for the new space.  I certainly, as a Mom, would want to spend time in these nurseries.   Check them out!

GIRL NURSERY INSPIRATION Lily & Spice Grey and Pink Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration Board


Lily + Spice grey and white boy nursery inspiration

What would you like to share about your E-design services? Give it a try, it is easy and fun! See our site for details on how it works! L&S would like to give all of you Homeworks Etc readers 100$ off of a custom package. This offer will expire September 30th. Email us to reserve your spot {these packages also make a great gift for baby showers or any occasion really!}

WOW!  $100 OFF

$100 Off Lily & Spice Interiors To learn more about Lily & Spice e-design packages visit their site.  Remember:  offer expires September 30 th



$100 off LILY + SPICE E-DESIGN SERVICES and $25 HOMEWORKS ETC to shop kids decor online!

Post a comment below to enter to win! Good Luck!


Winner announced Monday, September 22, 2014




Canadian Baby Brands Celebrating Canada Day with a Giveaway


Canadian Brands, Canada Day, Canadian Kids!  So many reasons to celebrate!

Check out these amazing Canadian Baby Brands:

Wee Urban -  Welcome to Wee Urban! We are your source for contemporary, eco-friendly gear and apparel for baby and toddler. Our clothing is made from quality fabrics and features modern yet practical designs.  Shop Wee Urban

Ringley Teething Toys - RiNGLEY is the original Canadian natural teether that combines two effective teething tools: untreated Maple wood and 100% organic cotton terrycloth. These different textures enable children to satisfy their teething needs. Made free from dye and without harmful chemicals. Our design allows your child to easily grip the ring and cloth. It can be used wet or dry and easily reaches around a child’s gums and teeth.  Shop Ringley

Pippalily - Pippalily brand offers favourites like baby slings, toy straps and breastfeeding covers. Plus innovative products such as our roomy tote bags with plenty of storage and handy pockets in pretty prints. I’m proud to continue providing the great customer experience that makes Pippalily a leading Canadian brand. Shop Pippalily. 

Baby Magoo - Baby Magoo is celebrating their 9th year as a small business committed to creating unique and luxurious hand-made wares for you and your children of all ages. Our award winning product line has expanded to include personalized blankets of all sizes, 'perfect-fit' eco-hooded towels, whimsical nursery decor, ugg'ems™ and whoo™ stuffed toys, adult wares and more. Shop Baby Magoo

Homeworks Etc  - Homeworks Etc™ offers Canadian made decor for nursery and kids rooms including wood letters, growth charts, wall hooks, canvas art, wall decals and decorative signs.  Simplicity in style and design make our decor suit your home, whether contemporary, classic, modern or deco. Shop Homeworks Etc Kids

Canadian Brands celebrate Canada Day

Each of these brands is giving away a product for you to WIN!


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Happy Canada Day!


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