Social Connection and DIY Workshops

“Connection is why we're here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”  Brene Brown

Social support is about connection

Your social network is about the number of people you interact with. You can count your social media friends in this group. But a social network is not the same as social support. Social support has to do with cultivating relationships that go deeper than just a simple Hi and Hello.

While we are more connected now than ever before via social media, the quality of our connections is deteriorating. But we can create meaningful, supportive connections in many ways – emotionally (e.g. loving, trustworthy friends and family), tangibly (e.g. baby sitters), and informationally (e.g. therapists and dentists), for example.

Thriving through social support

Did you know that social connection leads to a 50% increased chance of longevity? Studies show that social connection strengthens our immune system and helps us recover from disease faster. When we feel more connected to others, we are more trusting, cooperative and empathic to others.

DIY workshops can help us live longer!

Another valuable way to connect is through companionship support. This includes our ‘activity’ friends who help us feel socially accepted. They could be your reading group or church group or any other group of people you interact with socially. Your DIY workshop group, for example!

The sense of community and social good that comes from these kinds of groups can deliver on deeper levels like purpose and self-esteem. And at least one study shows that having a sense of purpose can extend your lifespan!

Fellow DIYers can become your TRIBE! We share tips and tricks, techniques we’ve mastered along the way – interspersed with laughter and plenty of life musings. Crafting together fosters community – a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, to feel a part of something special, to unleash creativity, and to share a common passion.

This. Is. Connection.

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Come Play With Us!

Are you feeling like it’s time for a little self-care, a little me time? ‘Drop-In Saturdays’ may be just the ticket! Grab a friend (or two or three), pack a snack, and head on over to Homeworks Etc for the chance to try your hand with our all-new preferred mineral paint of choice: Fusion™.

You don’t need a reason. Just because is good enough impetus to bring you to our table. Roll up your sleeves and we will guide you through your next DIY project.

We are so excited to introduce you to our wildly popular palette of mineral paints! (And by the way, you may have difficulty deciding amongst the gorgeous colours!) With ease of application, a zero VOC formulation, high hiding coverage, and a built-in top coat, it’s easy to PAINT BEAUTIFUL with Fusion™.


Feast your eyes on the beautiful display of paint jars and pots lining our shelves. The human touch – paint poured into jars and labels attached, all by hand – adds to the homey feel of these pretty potables. You will find yourself mulling over which pots of inspiration to bring home…to paint up a DIY storm!


Come visit our warm and inviting gathering space – we are waiting to teach you…and play with you! Creativity has no limits at Homeworks Etc, where every DIY project is a success. Enjoy your experience and your gift of creativity. You, too, can be a maker and artisan of home décor!

Check out the Homeworks Etcschedule for the next Drop-In Saturday. We are waiting for you!

Social Benefits of Creating with Friends

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” Henry David Thoreau There’s DIY at home…and then, there’s DIY in the company of others!

And while it’s wonderful to find time and space alone for crafting, designing, and inventing, there are enormous benefits to spending time in a group setting while digging our hands in a creative project.

Firstly, let’s acknowledge that spending time on creative projects is a type of play for adults. Play brings joy, and can facilitate deep connections with both friends and strangers. In creative play, we can find surprise, pleasure, understanding, and strength of mind, body and spirit.

Secondly, rolling up our sleeves and working on DIY projects in a roomful of friends – and friends of friends - are like BIG KID sessions. We showcase our personalities as we push our creative buttons, and we have an opportunity to expand our social circle with new comrades-in-creativity who share similar interests. These sessions can become therapeutic and life-affirming experiences, as we share and learn from one another.

While we concentrate on crafting, we exchange vital life skills, like empathy. We are in a safe space to share points of view and support one another. There is a kind of intimacy and emotional awareness, and a great connection to those in the room. In this relaxed environment, while elbow-deep in bringing imagination to life, we become more open, engaged, and expressive.

Everyone laughs a little more and becomes a little less lonely.

And who knows? We might solve some of the world’s problems! Or at the least, effect a bit of social change – fight for a cause, decide to raise money for a charity, or make a small improvement to the community. Anything is possible in a roomful of like-minded friends letting their creative juices flow!

Check here for details on YOUR next DIY workshop with friends – at Homeworks Etc.


Creativity for the Soul

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” Albert Einstein Just because you can’t paint a portrait or pen a novel doesn’t mean you’re not creative. Au contraire! Creativity is what makes us HUMAN. It exists within every aspect of our lives, and is not just reserved for the artistic elite.

You can – and should – reclaim your creative passion in tangible ways. Making room for creativity in our adult lives, and activating our creative muscle, can be transformative. Creative activity offers:

  • An opportunity to get ‘lost’ and release control of your logical mind
  • An outlet for emotions
  • A release for stagnant energy
  • A deeper connection to the soul

The creative process is heart-driven, allowing for freedom of self-expression and providing a sense of accomplishment. And for the typical adult consumed by the everyday busy-ness of life, a time set aside for fun, joy, and play is like reconnecting to happier, care-free, long-lost childhood memories. Imagine immersing yourself in an activity that is about more than just passing the time – it’s a chance to be authentic. The more you create, the more familiar you become with your likes and dislikes, and the more you develop you own unique style and technique. How cool is that?

The benefits of carving out time for creativity are plentiful. That life ‘busy-ness’ cries out for balance. Creative activity is a marvelous stress release, relieving built-up tension, and bringing on improved emotional and mental health. Not to mention that imaginative and inventive play beneficially exercises both the right and left sides of the brain. Creative endeavours allow you to think and process things in new ways, building layers of resourcefulness, and ultimately leading to better decision-making skills.

Making time for pursuing creative passions is, well, like caring for your soul!

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”


A Child's Fantasy World with Wild Teepees


Wild Teepees can be the hub of any child's imagination- infant to toddler to young girls or boys. It's the place where your kids can gather their toys and become the main character of their own fantasy world, transforming their Wild Teepees into reading nooks, Princess tea houses, dinosaur caves, dragon dens, or rocket ships, right before their little eyes.

What inspired you to start Wild Teepees?

It was during my first maternity leave that I was able to step back and explore what I had thought was long gone many years ago. Watching my little one discover our world and his imagination, allowed me to more profoundly discover mine. These small moments gave way to the beginning of my adventure with Wild Teepees.

Cross Teepee Fabric Pattern

What’s the best part about owning your own business?

It has always been a dream of mine to own my own business. I guess, freedom is my favourite part: the freedom to work from home and still care for my young children, the freedom to make hard and fun decisions on my own and the freedom to take the business where I want it to go.

What parents are saying:

Parents have been loving our teepees! We've had great feedback not only about the design and aesthetics but that their children really do love playing with their teepees! Customer service has always been our number one, and we strive to go above and beyond for all of our customers. Our teepees are all bespoke which allows us to closely work with our customers to achieve exactly what they want.

Black and White Teepee Stripe Fabric

Teepees are a must have in your home.

Our teepees are a win-win for any family home. The kids love to play with it and it's a beautiful piece of decor that compliments any design style. It's a true kids item that you would be proud to showcase in your home.

Your Mom Parenting tip or idea to being creative with kids. 

Always keep things moving! Keep introducing new ideas, new activities and new information to your kids, it'll keep them intrigued and us as parents a lot more involved. And, it doesn't always have to be big or fancy, kids love and can appreciate the smallest things when you give it a good back story.

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"I like nonsense, it was up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of the telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities."

Dr. Seuss


Bobs and Lolo Teaching Children through Music

What inspired you to start your biz?
We didn't start our B&L adventures with a real business plan. The whole project evolved from our friendship and a mutual interest in music and working with children. Before we started our musical adventures, Robyn was teaching elementary school prior to which she had completed a degree in linguistics at the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Education at UBC. Lorraine previously worked in the fields of environmental education and

non-profit fund development. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Exercise Science) from UBC. Songwriting and live performing honestly started out as a side project. We looked at it as a fun way to create some support materials for our separate jobs working with children. We never dreamed those early days would lead to running our own business, cross-country touring or much less a national television show!

What's the best part about owning your own business?Bobs and Lolo Sun
Seeing something you love and believe in thrive and grow is so incredibly rewarding. When you find something you are truly passionate about, the drive to see it succeed provides the fuel and stamina to get through the long hours and hard work. We’ve found the value of this increase tenfold now that we are mamas and often running on limited sleep and surrounded by a million distractions. On a bright note, another bonus of our industry is that for the most part, we can include our families in the fun – on tour or simply as creative inspiration.
Your Mom parenting tip and/or idea to being creative with kids.
Relax and focus on the fun. We live in a society that thrives on an over-abundance of information, accessible 24/7 via web, mobile and socials. As a parent in a Pinterest-inspired world, trying to be creative with your kids can be overwhelming. Insanely overwhelming! Breathe. Take a step back. Connect with your kids – get messy, be playful, sing, dance and laugh. The resources and support will be there when needed and the rest can usually be figured out with a little common sense and imagination. Music and books are our go to tools for toddler/preschooler creative time. They both provide useful distraction and creative inspiration in the car, bus, plane, boat, stroller, car seat, bed, high chair, baby carrier or simply when we're just dancing circles around each other!
 Bobs and Lolo - Lorraine Pond


Favorite family activities?
Robyn's neighbourhood is nestled between ocean and mountains. Favourite family activities revolve around both as she loves swimming and hiking! Lorraine is married to a sports junkie so tends to go to a lot of sporting events both in her hometown of Vancouver and when she travels. She also loves family bike rides and play-time at local parks. The climate on the west coast lends itself perfectly to year-round outdoor fun, which is perfect for both of our active broods!


Robyn Hardy of Bobs and Lolo


Robyn Hardy (Bobs) is mom to a busy toddler with a new babe on the way. She currently lives in North Vancouver, BC. Lorraine Pond (LoLo) is mom to an active toddler and precocious preschooler. She lives in Vancouver, BC. Growing up on Vancouver Island, Robyn and Lorraine have always shared a love of the natural world alongside a passion for working with children. Dedicated to connecting children to the natural world with music, movement and make-believe, Bobs & LoLo aim to inspire their young audiences to care about themselves, their neighbours and the planet. 


Nursery and Kids loves Bobs and Lolo


More About Bobs and Lolo

Bobs & LoLo have written and recorded six award-winning albums, a musical DVD and a new children’s book called Run Salmon Run. Alongside the adoration of the young and the young at heart, Bobs & LoLo have received critical acclaim from the likes of the Parents’ Choice Foundation, Western Canadian Music Alliance, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada and the JUNO Awards.


Bobs and Lolo Dirty Feet


Their new album 'Dirty Feet' is out now! Pick it up at iTunes, Google Play, HMV Canada, Amazon, or stream it on Spotify!





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Amazing Baby Brands this Spring


Spring is here and so is our featured shopping guide for nursery and kids essentials including amazing brands for Mommy & Me, creative learning, baby, fashion and decor.  Browse our catalogue below and click on the photos on these pages to link you to browse their shops.

Spring Gift Guide

Cover photo by Captivate Photography

Visit these brands on our guide guide page to browse through your online shopping experience of brands we stand behind including categories:

Mommy & Me

The Extender, Cover Your Heart, Snugabell, Padalily

Creative Learning

Bobs and Lolo, Easy Daysies, Little Jots, Canary Jane


Baby Jack & Co, Bamboobino, Bebe de Luxe, Numpfer, Glitter and Spice, Baby Elephant Ears, Mushy Books


Mally Designs, Emerson Apparel, Arrow and Lace Designs, Modern Fort, Wee Urban, Rebel and Heart, Swim Zip

Nursery and Kids Decor

Wild Tee pees, Yarning Made, Cici Art Factory, Tiptoe Meadow, Trae Designs, Shenasi Concept, Mitani Designs, Bobee, Little Sapling Toys, Homeworks Etc


Comment below if you've shopped these stores or if you see something that you would love for your children!

Soccer Themed Room Ideas


Looking for Soccer inspiration this weekend.  What a weekend it is?  2014 World Cup, Father's Day, and Stanley Cup!

Dad's are ready to sit on the couch this weekend for some sports action, while Mom's are talking about how they can incorporate love for soccer into their boys room design.  Here are some ideas and inspiration for decorating modern and contemporary soccer rooms.

soccer themed room, green, red and white

1.  This soccer ball ottoman gives a hint of soccer without overwhelming the entire room with this theme.
2.  Hint of green on the walls alludes the relation to grass and adore the red accent.  This creates a versatile space to grow with your child.
3.  White over sized floor lamp gives impact to the room, light field lights on those late night games!

Personalized soccer player silhouette wall decal with soccerball - Homeworks Etc Kids

1.  I'm always a fan of personalizing a space for your child.
2.  Vintage style in the decal design creates a featured decor piece for the room.
3.  You can still mix and match with other sports as a great addition.

Soccer themed room ideas - Pottery Barn Soccer Field Rug.

1.   The soccer field rug gives the boys a place to play together.
2.  Over sized letters add a bold statement to the room
3.  Shared rooms with matching bedding.  Love the solid blue with green accent stripes.
wall paper feature wall for a soccer themed room, blue, black and white.
DKOR INTERIORS - A bold and comfortable interior design project at The Beach Club in Hallendale, Florida.


Homeworks Etc Soccer Ball Canvas Art Room Decor

Soccer Sports Room Decor, wall hooks - Homeworks Etc Kids








Soccer themed room decor, Homeworks Etc Wall Hooks

Sports Themed Room Growth Chart, soccer, basketball, baseball





















Happy Decorating!



Hockey Room Theme for Boys


Hockey Bedroom Design Ideas

Boys Room Decor

Decorating with a hockey sports theme can be fun and playful and every little boy loves to play! This room is definitely decorated with hockey in mind.  Eat, Sleep and Play Hockey!

Life is Simple Play Hockey Wall Decal Quote
Life is Simple Play Hockey Wall Decal Quote

Hockey Vinyl wall decals

  • Sized to fit the width of the headboard
  • QUOTE:  Life is simple.  eat, sleep, play HOCKEYWall decal sticker
  • Furniture - Twin Slotted Bed in stained in Black
  • Table Lamp - Ikea
  • Bedding - NHL sheets, accent pillows and solid gray twin duvet
Hockey Player Wall Decal and hockey decor hook set
Hockey Player Wall Decal and hockey decor hook set

Hockey Wall Decals - silhouette of Hockey Players are removable vinyl stickers.

An easy solution to decorating walls.

Hockey Stick Wall Hooks  and It's All About Hockey wood sign by Homeworks Etc

Such a great Hockey Decor Set for boys rooms.

Hockey Theme Wood Growth Chart, hockey decor, kids room sports
Hockey Theme Wood Growth Chart, hockey decor, kids room sports

Hockey Themed Growth Chart - Homeworks Etc

Measure the growth of your child.  A memorable keepsake for a lifetime.

Kids Hockey Wall Hook decor, sports boys room ideas
Kids Hockey Wall Hook decor, sports boys room ideas

Single Hockey Stick Wall Hook is perfect for hanging those jerseys, jackets, medals and more!  Shop Hockey Decor.

Happy Decorating!