Create Everyday : Creative Apparel for the DIY'er

I’ve got a favourite shirt. There are many factors that go into making this specific shirt so beloved. My best friend gave it to me. It’s grey. It’s super soft and worn-in. It continues to fit perfectly over the years. It’s from a concert of my favourite band. In short, this shirt represents many things I care about, and I feel connected to it. Sometimes, a shirt isn’t just a shirt. Sometimes, a piece of clothing can be a statement about who you are, and what you are passionate about. 

We’ve recently launched two new tanks that reflect some of our values here at Homeworks Etc. Not only are these Racer-Back Tanks relaxed and comfy, they boast messages that empower us as DIY’ers. 

What I also love about these shirts is that they serve as a great reminder to make my interests a priority. It is so easy to fill up my summer schedule with things that need doing that I often forget to make time for life-giving things. For me, being creative brings me joy, peace and fulfillment. I need to tap into my creativity regularly to keep life balanced, and getting lost in a project is my favourite way to spend an evening. I see the positive effects that come from engaging in creative activities, and I can honestly say that to “Create Everyday” is a slogan I strive to live by. And what’s wonderful about creativity is that it can take so many shapes and forms. My passion is home decor, but maybe you like gardening, embroidery, cooking, or playing with power tools in the garage, or even stopping by the store for a DIY project (link to pick your own project?)! Whatever your thing is, we want to help you celebrate and embrace it with these awesome shirts. 

If you also feel that drive and need to create, adding one of these new tanks to your wardrobe will provide at least two great benefits: 

1. You will feel proud to wear something that boldly proclaims your passion. 

2. You will be gently reminded to take time to engage in your passion every time you wear it. 

Are you ready to meet your new favourite shirt? Rumour has it you might find a coupon code for a special deal if you hurry!