Happy Fall Y'all [DIY Projects]

Happy Fall, Y’All

It’s usually around the start of the blackberry season that I start to look ahead to fall. Just a little bit. I haven’t turned my back on summer yet, but there is a kind of anticipation that is growing. The brisk evening air, the perfect crunch of an autumn leaf, the permission to wear scarves again… these are a few of the things I look forward to. Perhaps you are a parent, and you have your own reasons to cheer for September. That’s the beauty of the different seasons, isn’t it? We can look forward to what each time of the year has to offer, and how it shapes our habits and routines. For me, the fall is a time of gathering.

Wood Word Cut-Outs

wood cutouts.JPG

We do a lot of gathering in autumn. We gather school supplies. We gather the local harvest. We gather our thanksgivings. We gather candy. We gather warmer layers. Can you think of a few more? Perhaps like me, you can’t resist gathering bouquets of leaves to press in your books. Or maybe your leaf-gathering is more of the rake-and-bag variety. Regardless, I think you are catching on. Gathering is inherent to the autumnal season.


I have to say, collecting things that belong together feels rather comforting. That may be why thoughts of fall make me feel warm and fuzzy. I also find it to be an inspiring time of the year. Whereas summer is busy and active, autumn makes me want to slow down, drink some tea, and be crafty. I find fresh motivation in the dusky evenings to pull out my half-finished projects, and get back to it. And that is a type of gathering too. A gathering of ideas, materials, and maybe of a few friends to create with… yep, I’m getting excited!

I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment; I have a feeling some of you can relate. You are still appreciating the summer vibes, but your fingers are itching to get crafty. Here at Homeworks Etc, we have the perfect project to welcome the official fall crafting season with. We did our own kind of gathering to combine our rustic pallet boards with a wreath, burlap ribbon, twine and an adorable mini-sign. As with all of our projects, paint and stain colours are completely customizable and we also have a selection of sign quotes for you to choose from.  We chose to stain ours with Saman’s Dark Walnut Stain which really exudes a feeling of warmth, and “Happy Fall Y’all” is the perfect quote to greet the autumn with a big cozy hug.

DIY Fall Pallet Wreath Sign

wreath pallet happy fall y'all.jpg

We will be holding our very first workshop for the DIY Fall Pallet Wreath Sign on Thursday, September 19th- just in time for the autumnal equinox. So gather your friends and your chai lattes, and come welcome fall with us at Homeworks Etc!

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