Eat, Drink and Be Merry, Wine Bottle Gift Tags Free Printable

Eat, Drink and Be Merry, Wine Bottle Gift Tags Free Printable {Holiday Hosting Gift}

Holiday Feasts

For many families, recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation are key to Christmas meals. Each family feast is unique, like the season’s snowflakes. Immigrants from all over the world have brought their own traditions and culture with them, and these extend to holiday meals.

And some families still serve dishes out of tradition and respect that no one really likes - like the much-maligned jellied aspic with fruit and marshmallows…oh dear!

The North American Christmas Dinner

Did you know that many of our North American gastronomical Christmas traditions come from Britain, despite immigrant traditions from other places? Roast turkey (which ‘replaced’ old English roast beef), fruit cake (whose ancestor is called Christmas pudding, a steamed cake with dried fruit), Christmas cookies, and eggnog are all rooted in British tradition.

Christmas Table Setting

The Christmas Cocktail

Here’s a little history on that either-hated-or-loved creamy holiday brew – eggnog! Eggnog can be traced back as far as 13th century Britain, where it had humble beginnings as posset, a warm ale punch with eggs and figs. Eggnog became a familiar fixture in the 1700 in the US colonies – with rum or whiskey as the added spirit of choice. Today, the basic recipe in North America has not changed much and remains a staple at holiday parties: eggs beaten with sugar, milk, cream, and a distilled spirit of choice.

Christmas Cocktail

The Dinner Table

Ah – the dinner table! Creating a tablescape to showcase your holiday feast for family and friends is just as important as the meal itself (well, almost). Gather your linens and plates and polish your flatware. Set the stage with a centerpiece.

Use this wonderful DIY free printable to fashion your very own festive hostess gifts, a lovely finishing touch for your holiday host!

Christmas Table

Happy DIY-ing…and happy feasting!



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