Naming Baby...and a Sweet Little DIY Project

What’s in a name?

Picking a name for Baby is as emotional as it is pleasurable when finally settling on the perfect ‘life handle.’

Naming our beloved offspring is not an easy feat. In fact, psychologists say that family, religious, ethnic, and faddish influences aside, there may be other reasons for why we choose ‘John’ over ‘Finnegan,’ or ‘Elizabeth’ over ‘Sunshine.’

One is the idea of sound symbolism – meaning that parents may choose a name whose sound conveys significance about…size, for example. Lower sounds are apparently linked with taller physical stature (and typically used for sons), whereas higher sounds are linked to shorter stature (and more likely used for daughters’ names).

Oh. Really?

And then there’s socio-politics.

Sometimes, our bundles of joy are named as ‘social signals’ that denote either cultural or economic wealth. It is said that more liberal parents are apt to choose uncommon names (like ‘Apple’ or ‘Namaste’), whereas conservative parents may stick with culturally traditional names (like John or Catherine).

Interesting. But perhaps a tad too complex.

The point is that your sweet baby is blessed with a name that has been lovingly chosen by YOU. And that’s all that really matters.


And as you warm the walls of your baby’s sanctuary – the nursery – with special touches, come join us to make a sweet little plaque that showcases your little one’s specially-chosen, tenderly-bestowed-upon name. This DIY Name Plaque project is easy, fun, and oh-so-special!

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DIY Nursery 101 – Name Plaque


Homeworks Etc bamboo name plaque.jpg